Who are We?

MadLife is seeking hard work’n people with rock’n personalities and kick’n skills, to join our team.  To be part of MadLife, you’d better be all-in, because we’re throwing powerful live music events 5 nights a week.

We think it goes without saying, but we better say it anyway.  Even though MadLife is all about music, and crazy things happen when great music is cranking, our business is a drug free zone.  If you have an issue, we can recommend a good program, but you won’t be working here.

We want you to know us, so keep reading and connect with our HR Manager at the bottom of the page!

Jobs at MadLife include:
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    High energy, accommodating and engaging – the kind of people we all want to drink with! (Um… to be clear, MadLife Bartenders will not be drinking while they are working, after all, we are professionals!)
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    Servers, Server Assistants, & Hostesses:

    Enthusiasm and sincere customer care creates devoted patrons, sells more food and produces bigger tips! It’s all about making MadLife patrons the happiest music-loving food eaters in the world.

Competence, Excellence, Ethics

And just to be sure there is no room for uncertainty, a few words about our Corporate Culture:MadLife-Horizontal-Logo

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    At MadLife, there is a shared culture of pride in our venue, and in what we do.

    We are committed to our customers, the artists and to each other. Our pride, in turn, drives our creative and entrepreneurial spirit to always find ways to improve what we do, whether it is in the way we present our artists, capture their performances, refine our venue or surprise our customers with moments and care beyond their expectations. We do all if this to create fun, value and success at MadLife.

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    The MadLife team is resourceful, capable and confident.

    MadLife is the ultimate intimate entertainment and performance venue, and as such, the show must always go on. We meet challenges with fortitude, and accept change as an opportunity to be better than we were before. By embracing the fact that anything can happen, and it should, we share a sense of pride in knowing that the work we do truly matters.

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    Our team demonstrates extraordinary team unity.

    MadLife fosters an environment designed to facilitate teamwork, where colleagues work well together, sharing a commitment to creating exceptional results for the business, performing artists and customers. We encourage cooperation, combining our individual skills and providing supportive and constructive feedback. Teams and individuals listen and learn from each other at MadLife. We support and enable our co-workers to do their jobs to the best of their ability… indeed, to rise to a level that exceeds what they thought was within their capability.
Why MadLife?

Before you throw your name in the hat, check out the things that matter at MadLife.  It takes a special personality to love this much music, hospitality and team work.


OK, this is a lot to share, but it is all for real.  If you are part of MadLife, you need to live and love this stuff.

It’s who we are.   

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    We create a culture of fun, professionalism and profit

    and every member of our team knows the vital nature of their role toward that goal.
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    We do our research

    to understand the vitality of local and national music and to embrace both rising and undiscovered artists to perform at MadLife.
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    We are technologically savvy and creative

    to assure the shows we present, capture and publish, convey integrity and the utmost respect for our artists’ vision and our guests’ enjoyment.
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    We are innovative and open minded

    Seeking to present performers and events that are groundbreaking and unique.
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    We present only great live performances

    By assuring synergy between the superb artists who will perform at MadLife and the MadLife staff responsible to convey each performance with transparency.
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    We capture and produce only magical entertainment events

    By being uncompromised in selecting the talented artists who perform at MadLife and by understanding their motivation to create spectacular and special moments for their fans and our guests.
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    We create an exclusive environment

    Through the intimacy of our venue, the quality of our acoustics, the support we provide to the artists that perform at MadLife and the personal care and attention we bestow on our guests.
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    We tell the world about what we do

    Through comprehensive and timely communications – utilizing all aspects of PR, advertising, web and social media, and by placing the magic of MadLife in the center of the local, regional and national live music scene.
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    We care for our performing artists

    By treating them and their music with uncompromised respect, and by helping them to realize a maximum return on their investment of time and spirit when they perform at MadLife.
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    We care for our customers

    By honoring their love of music and their right to great food, drink and superb service. Our customers’ wish is our command, before they even ask.
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    We care for our community

    By participating in local events, supporting noble charitable causes and by cultivating our employees’ growth.
If you made it to this point, if your heart is thumping hard and you have a very real sense that this is the job opportunity of a lifetime, you might be exactly who we are looking for.

Click here to connect with MadLife’s HR manager. Include a resume. Keep it clean and don’t show us typos… those make us crabby.

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The MadLife Experience

Our venue is crafted to deliver perfect evenings for our performing artists and our customers. Visually and personally intimate, sonically correct and high energy as well – all designed to assure magical moments are always revealed at MadLife.





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