What does a sponsorship at MadLife do for your company?

Music festivals and the largest venues have dominated the live music sponsorship ecosystem, but that’s beginning to change. In fact, music and entertainment venues of all sizes are offering strategic and affordable sponsorship opportunities. Companies can now realize lasting value when partnering with local music venues, as live music is emotional, energized and memorable. This delivers brand impressions that live well beyond the specific concert or comedy event. 

By becoming a MadLife sponsor, your brand becomes part of the experience associated with our live music & comedy events. MadLife attracts a diverse audience, thanks to the variety of bands and comedians performing each night. This diversity allows our sponsors the ability to gain broad exposure, or select specific events that speak directly to patrons in their target demographic.

MadLife produces more than 300 live music and comedy events per year, making it possible to craft one-off or custom multi-show sponsorship packages that match the sponsors’ branding mission and budget. 

Key benefits of a MadLife event sponsorship

  • Present your brand to the hundreds of thousands of consumers who view MadLife’s event calendar and social media presence every month.  
  • Reinforce your brand with the tens of thousands of patrons who purchase tickets for events at MadLife every year
  • Identify your brand with the dynamic live performances and experiences that take place at MadLife 

Available Sponsorship Options

  1. MadLife’s Stand-Up Comedy Series – Between 12-24 events per year. 
    Total estimated marketing reach = 2–2.4 million impressions over the course of the year  
  2. MadLife’s Undiscovered Artist Showcase Series – Between 18-24 events per year. Total estimated marketing reach = 2–2.4 million impressions over the course of the year
  3. Battle of the Bands at MadLife – Between 8-10 events per year. 
    Total estimated marketing reach = 1–1.2 million impressions over the course of the year
  4. Legendary Songwriter Series – Between 8-12 events per year. 
    Total estimated marketing reach = 800,000 – 1 million impressions over the course of the year.
  5. Custom Music or Custom Genre Series – Select any quantity of concert events from MadLife’s Calendar.  Custom Series sponsorships can focus on a specific genre of music or can cross many genres, at the sponsor’s option. Total estimated marketing reach depends on the total number and genre of events selected
  6. Single-Event Sponsorships – Each event provides a total estimated marketing reach of 100,000+ impressions. 
  7. MadLife Original Video Series Sponsorships – MadLife produces studio quality videos of many of the original artists who perform in our venue.  We publish these original performances as series, via a variety of channels including Amazon, Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo. Total estimated viewership and marketing reach can be 100,000+ impressions, depending on the specific series sponsored. For information on sponsoring MadLife’s Undiscovered series Click Here!       

Let’s Partner up!

Event Sponsorships at MadLife can be secured for as little as $250!  Of course, we are happy to create custom packages to directly meet your business objectives.  To review the possibilities and receive a custom proposal, simply contact sponsorship@madlifegroup.com. Make Our Reach Your Reach!

About MadLife Stage & Studios.

Established in historic Woodstock Georgia in 2016, MadLife is committed to presenting and preserving the magical moments that happen in live music, and supporting the integrity of the artists who perform on our stages. To serve this mission, nearly every original performance at MadLife is captured in high resolution video and sonically precise audio.  MadLife hosts 5-6 concert events and dozens of musicians on their stages each and every week.