Calling All Musicians!




MadLife’s performance venue features capacity for 236 patrons and incorporates a 28’ x 17’ stage


The Stage features a 16’ x 10’ high resolution LED Wall, which can be used as a digital banner to present performer supplied logos, virtual backgrounds, graphics or simply to add more stage lighting vibe


MadLIfe’s Video System incorporates five 3-chip, pro-grade HD cameras, camera controllers, a broadcast production switcher and six hyperdeck digital recorders.  We provide remote recording of all 5 cameras, as well as the “switched” output of the broadcast production switcher


MadLife’s B-room serves as a sonically distinct space for tracking, providing more recording options for Closed Sessions

The Venue and Stage are equipped with our stellar House PA, Monitor and Lighting Rigs


Operated by MadLife’s acclaimed studio engineers, we apply our multi-cam HD Video system to capture your performance with maximum detail, color and contrast


MadLife’s Main PA, Monitor Rig and Studio Mixing Consoles are completely independent of each other.  This allows our engineers to optimize the capture quality of your live performance while also optimizing your monitor mix, and in the case of a live ticketed show, the sonic quality delivered to your fans in our venue


MadLife captures audio for both live and closed sessions via the industry standard DAW Pro Tools, utilizing our Triton Series 68 Analog Console for warmth character. Our studio also features a variety of outboard gear including dynamics, effects and mastering tools.