Undiscovered Sponsorship

Undiscovered Season 2 Sponsorship

An exclusive sponsorship opportunity

Undiscovered, an original content series produced by MadLife Stage & Studios and Liquid Coast Films, presents a curated selection of the exceptional original songwriters who perform at MadLife. Each episode includes stellar stage performances and earnest backstory interviews, allowing the artists to share the moments and motivations that compel them to write and perform their original music.      

Presenting inspiring songwriters to the world 

By sponsoring Undiscovered Season 2, your company becomes part of the experience associated with all the passion and positive goodness that original songwriters invest in their music.  Sponsors will receive executive producer credits, as well as appropriate on camera / in episode product placements.

Undiscovered attracts a diverse viewer audience, thanks to the variety of music genres presented by the featured artists. This diversity provides our sponsors the perfect channel to promote their brand to music lovers, musicians and songwriters in all corners of the globe. 

MadLife publishes each season of Undiscovered via a variety of online channels including Amazon, Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo. Total viewership is expected to reach 1,000,000+++ through the course of each season’s online life.       

Let’s make beautiful music together

Undiscovered Season 2 sponsorships can be secured for as little as $3500, but only 3 sponsor opportunities are available.  Of course, we are happy to create custom packages to directly meet your business objectives. To review the possibilities and receive a custom proposal, contact sponsorship@madlifegroup.com.

Click Here to view all 7 episodes of Undiscovered Season 1 on Amazon Prime or click the Season 1 preview below.

About MadLife Stage & Studios.

Established in historic Woodstock Georgia in 2016, MadLife is committed to presenting and preserving the magical moments that happen in live music, and supporting the integrity of the artists who perform on our stages. To serve this mission, nearly every original performance at MadLife is captured in high resolution video and sonically precise audio.  MadLife hosts 5-6 concert events and dozens of musicians on their stages each and every week.