Booking at MadLife

Think you are a perfect fit to play MadLife Stage? You have the sound that the people want to hear? If you are ready to rock the stage and fill the room with your wonderful fans, we want to know. Connect with us here!

MadLife’s Patio is produces some of the most unique Open Mic Events in Woodstock. For More Info about playing the Open Mic, click Connect Below.

Once a month, we host the MadLife Battle of the Bands. This is a competition, where the audience is the Judge. Band bring their A-Game to the table with Original Music ready to rock the stage. For more information, download our FAQ Here.

MadLife’s Patio is a rocking stage as well. Weather Permitted, this stage rings out some of the most amazing live music in Woodstock. For More Info about playing the patio, click Connect Below.

MadLife is a fully functional, professionally installed and operated studio facility. Professionals can book studio time at MadLife. We also offer professional engineering and production services.